“no sweetie, he’s not right for my princess”

May 5, 2008

Through the first years of many in my walk with Christ, I have been on many retreats, gone to camp numerous times, and heard many sermons (some good and some involving grown men dressing up plastic roman soldier armor).  One of the things that has been drilled into my head was the idea that I am a princess of the lord and I deserve only the best.

With great pleasure I accepted this.  Who doesn’t want to be a princess, right?  But through accepting this fact, nothing changed.  I still lived in the same house, had the same family, and most importantly, I still respected myself the exact same way that I already had.

Until recently.

My youth pastor spoke the other week on “the princess principle.”  It completely reiterated everything that I had previously believed (I deserve the best, I  am God’s daughter, that sort of stuff).  This time, however, the sermon shed some light on my current life.  Recently I had been struggling with getting over this guy.  I had been close to him for a while and had told him many things ultimately making myself stupidly vulnerable.  Well, as most guys commonly do, he came in my life and was gone before I could bat an eye.

I was slightly devastated.  But I kept on telling myself that it was okay.  This wasn’t the godly man that the lord had planned out for me.  I told myself this for several months, all the while looking for a godly man to fill this void.

Mistake.  God wanted to fill this void himself.  So I thought I would back up and give him some room to work.  But for some reason, every once in a while, thoughts of this guy who i relied so much in would come creeping back.

Last night I was just about to go to bed and I was praying and asking God why I couldn’t have this guy that I longed for.  I asked God to make him a Godly man and then bring him back and we would all like happily ever after and blah, blah, blah.

God responded to me almost immediately.  In my heart I just kind of heard him say, “no sweetie, he’s not right for my princess.”  And that’s when I remembered God for what he truly is: a concerned daddy.  Not a mean God who wants me to be as unhappy as possible.  Not a cruel God who takes pleasure in withholding my heart’s desires.  But a concerned daddy who wants what is best for me.

I need a reminder of that ever so often.


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