let that be enough

May 8, 2008

There is a song by Switchfoot that I absolutely love.  The chorus lyrics are:

Let me know that you hear me.

Let me know your touch.

Let me know that you love me.

Let that be enough.

I love this song because it reminds me how little the things of this world matter.  Switchfoot was right on the money.  Our God is a big God who is listening to us, and reaching out to us, and, despite our tendency to be completely jacked up, loves us.  And that is enough.  That is all we need.  That blows my mind.

In an increasingly materialistic society where we are told that the most important thing in our life is self-success (in relationships, school, jobs, etc.), it’s nice to have that reminder that God is enough.  To have a reminder that these temporary highs that we seek as just that.  TEMPORARY.  And I am passionately in love with the one thing or person or anything else in this world that isn’t temporary.

I’m thankful for that constant.

Switchfoot – Let That Be Enough


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