don’t get comfortable

May 30, 2008

Life lately has been pretty good.  I am almost done with the horrid junior year, I have a wonderful best friend, and I feel closer to the lord than I have ever felt.  And I was very content in all of those things.  I had been walking around life lately being content.  According to the definition of being content is being satisfied with what one is or has and not wanting more or anything else.  That sounds nice, right?  And it can be.  But to be in my relationship with the lord and being satisfied right where I am in that walk is what didn’t sound quite right to me.

Last sunday at church during worship, God spoke a really cool reminder through Zach.  Zach talked about how, in our journey with Christ, it is so easy to get to that point where we get a little too content and a little too comfortable.  I think that until today I had become very comfortable in my Christianity.  I did the same routine every day: quiet time, pray, and then church on Sunday but it all had lost so much meaning.  The words that I worshiped with had become just that, words.  They were no longer the cry of surrender that they once had been.  I had been thinking about what Zach had said all week.  I asked God daily how to challenge myself in my faith and go one step further but at the same time, I was still living in a world of puppy dogs and lolly pops.  I still felt very comfortable. Until today, when God decided to slap me in the face with this message.

As I was leaving school today, I got in a car accident.  Everyone in front of me slammed on their breaks and I just didn’t slam fast enough.  So I plowed into the car in front of me.  After I made sure that I was okay, I looked at the front of my car and saw that I had demolished the whole front on the passenger’s side.  As I was driving into a random nearby parking lot to exchange information I was shaking.  And uncontrollably crying. (It was really quite a sight.)  The lady I hit was very nice and we exchanged information and I was able to drive my practically totaled car home.  Halfway home, I suddenly became at peace with the whole ordeal.  God had given me this huge wake up call that reminded me that to be comfortable in him during the happy times in my life is basically to forget all that he has done for me in the crap times.  Every day of my walk with Christ should bring a new challenge.  It should bring joy, peace, pain, hope, sorrow, and wonder.  Instead of being something that I am comfortable in, my relationship with God needs to be one of constant discovery and wonder.  It should never lose that sense of “wow, I serve this God..”

So tomorrow when I wake up I get to re-discover a God that I can never fully know.

I’m excited for that..

“Yesterday, this is not yesterday.

You were standing on my shoulders.

Now you’re standing on the edge.

You’ve been looking for a sign all this time.”

–“Don’t Get Comfortable” by Brandon Heath


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