June 30, 2008

Our God leaves my absolutely speechless.  More times than not he completely rocks my world with this reminder of how wonderful he is.  I am going to try and find some words that won’t even begin to give my amazing God justice in order to describe how I feel right now.

Tonight I went out with my very best friend for some coffee.  It was such a random thing.  I was craving coffee so I called her up and we headed to the nearest Starbucks.  As we were leaving my neighborhood, she was about to turn to go to the Starbucks in panther creek.  I suggested that we head to market street instead.  She somewhat reluctantly turned toward market street.  Upon arriving, I saw a friend from church drinking coffee with her grandparents.  She hadn’t really seen me so I was debating whether or not I was going to go over there and interrupt their conversation just to say hello so her. I finally decided that a brief pat on the shoulder and a smile would suffice and I did just that.  Little did I know that God had just made me interrupt one of the best conversations I have ever had the privilege to be apart of.  Her grandparents just got back from a mission trip in China.  Upon hearing this my best friend and I quickly found ourselves sitting down at the table with them and listening intently to these warriors for God.  Hearing accounts from a place where people are put in jail for saying the words “Jesus” or “bible” broke my heart.  How much do I take saying the word “God” for granted?

I was suddenly reminded of all of the times when I was younger that  griped about having to wake up early on Sunday to go to church.  My heart broke for the people that had nothing.  People that only had God, but didn’t even know it because no one could tell them for fear of their life.  I felt guilty that I was born into such privilege and then what had been talked about earlier that day at church hit me like a tidal wave.  I was born into this for a reason.  I live here in The Woodlands for a reason.  One day, I would like to change the world.  I would love the opportunity to risk my life to spread God’s word.  But right now, I am here in North Houston for a reason.  I am going to change my home, my school, and my community.  And one day God will lead me to change the world.  Maybe not change the world like Gandhi or Mother Theresa.  But sure enough, I will change someones world.

I praise God for bringing me to Starbucks tonight.  I praise God for older Christians who have seen so much, devoted themselves to Christ, and are not going to stop fighting with him until their last breath.

I hope to be on the other side of that table in Starbucks one day.


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