Okay, I am starting off this blog with somewhat of a disclaimer.  I have a million and one thoughts floating around in my head right now and so this may seem a little inconsistent, but necessary.

There’s a lyric in the song “None But Jesus” that reads:

All my delight is in you, Lord.

All of my hope and all of my strength.

I have always sung those lyrics with an understanding of them.  But it is just recently that I discovered the true meaning behind the second part, “all of my hope.”

It always sucks when someone you respect and care about lets you down.  We know this and yet, despite that fact, we are still surprised when it happens.  Well these past couple of weeks, it seems like God has decided to have just about everyone that I look up to, let me down in some way or another.  And all of it hurt.  Alot.  And it was just tonight that I finally got what God was teaching me through this.  I have so much faith in people.  And that’s not saying that I should assume that everyone is out to get me but I have found that I put people on these pedestals that, inevitably, they will fall off of.  But there is one that is never going to fall and my hope is found in him.  People will let you down.  I will let a million people down, as much as I will try not to.  And THAT is why God sent his son to us.  To give us someone to have hope in who would be our rock and never let us down.  People aren’t perfect.  They are going to let you down and it will hurt.  And you love them anyways because of the one who loves you despite your many imperfections.

A common mis-conception among people these days is the need to fix yourself before you go to God.  This kind of ties back into the whole “people aren’t perfect” thing.  So many people feel the need to be perfect or to have everything in order before walking into a church.  It seems like church has almost become like the gym.  You tell yourself over and over again that you need to go but you keep putting it off for one reason or another.  You know you need to get back to church but you have some work to do first.  We so often forget what a church is for.  It is a community of people that all realize that each and every one of them is completely and totally messed up.  And they help each other through that.  We help each other to press on towards God despite our flesh pulling us back into everything worldly.  Bottom line:  God doesn’t want you perfect.  He wants to take you as he finds you.

All of this kind of brings me to one of the many things that Christ did that completely leaves me in awe.  And as I was looking for some guidance last night as to why I shouldn’t give up on loving this corrupt world, God reminded me of this particular story.  The story is in Luke and it takes place just before Christ rides into Jerusalem on what we now know as Palm Sunday.  Christ is just about to enter Jerusalem, His town that will greet him with praise and bow to him.  And just before he heads into his own town,  he looks at it and he begins to weep.  He weeps because he knows that these people that are praising his name will be mocking the same in a week.  He weeps and he cries, “Oh Jerusalem. If you only knew.”  If they had only known what would happen and who Christ REALLY was.  And all of this is not what amazes me the most.  What amazes me the most is that Jesus weeps and knows exactly what will happen and could just have easily decided that he didn’t want to ride into a city that would betray him in so short a time.  He could have turned around.  But he didn’t.  And that strikes me with so much awe.  He knew what was coming and, yet, he got on that donkey, and rode right into his beloved city.

And so, although it is hard, and although I will shed more tears than I could  ever even think that I had in me, I will ride the donkey into that city.  I will not give up with the ones that time after time don’t seem to get it.  And although this world will try to bring me down, I will not stop in my endeavors.  I will continue to weep over my city and then ride straight back into it all.

Oh The Woodlands.  If you only knew.