November 27, 2008

Be the change you wish to see in the world.


This past weekend, I saw my Dad transform lives through a College Pastor in his mid-20s within 48 hours.  One guy.  100 or so students.  Changed.  This gets me stoked.  Because through those 100+ students, The Woodlands, College Park, Oak Ridge, and every High School in between could be completely flipped upside down.  If for even one day I would be as radical as my Jesus was, I could start a revolution.  That’s incredible.

I was reflecting on this past weekend and thinking about why God chooses the people that He does.  Moses, Mary, John, or even more recently, Mother Theresa.  I was questioning why God has chosen these people to represent His name in such a universal way.  And then it hit me.  God has called all of us to bring this change to our society.  So many times we close ourselves off to God’s voice.  We become numb to it almost so that if He was telling us to move to India and care for the orphans and oppressed, we wouldn’t hear it.  What if Moses had been walking past the burning bush, knowing it was God, and just walked on by, pretending he didn’t see it?  I wonder what our world would be like if we could just humble ourselves and listen to our Father.  I have no doubt that there would be a complete revolution of Love.  As our speaker, Drew, phrased it this past weekend, we would not be Christians of convenience, but rather, Christians of conviction.

And so, I think.  No, I know there needs to be a change.  We, as followers of the Creator of the Universe, get the opportunity to be radical and insane.  We get the privilege of carrying out the commands of the God who sent his son to die on a tree for us.  We get the honor of being called to love every single person that has ever, does ever, or will ever walk this earth.

Call me insane, cause I am out of my mind with how amazing my God is.  Call me naive, because I have the One who knows all as my Daddy.  Call me a Jesus freak, because I would be honored to even be associated with that name.  Call me whatever you wish, but I honestly and truthfully believe that we can change our community, our state, our country, and our world.  We do, after all, have the best role model.

So in conclusion I say this,  I am going to change the world.  Who’s with me?