YOU are Holy

April 9, 2009

Today has been one of those days. Those days that start off badly, go to worse, and just when you think it is all over, you get hit with something else. When bad things happen I tend to dwell on them and then pile them up to make my situation seem worse and worse. And that’s exactly what I did today. Today has been every kind of stressful and when finally given time to sit here and relax and reflect on a less than great day, I remember the only thing that matters. There is a song by Nichole Nordeman entitled “Holy.” The lyrics to the chorus remind me every time:

And all you ever wanted:

All of me, on my knees, singing “Holy, Holy.”

Somehow, all that matters now is: You are Holy.

I love those lyrics. Because after a day like the one I had, ending in me dropping a large metal pole on my toe, I NEED to remember that.  In the end, no matter what this life is handing me, the only thing that ends up mattering is: GOD is Holy. Remembering that He is on the throne makes my trivial little issues don’t seem nearly as important. To think that God wants all of me. This insignificant nobody who is so selfish sometimes it is disgusting. This world throws self-pity our way so often. It’s so easy to get caught up in school, or work, or the amount of things left to do and the amount of time to do them in. Our world moves so fast. We have lost sight of the fact that IT IS ONLY THE WORLD. Our real life has not even begun. And in the end, after everything that could go wrong does, the ONLY thing that matters is HE is Holy.

Kind of a short post and kind of jumbled but something that i needed to remind myself of.