Lent Blog #5 (People)

February 21, 2010

So not too long ago I was applying to a summer camp and on the application I needed to tell them the links of my facebook and/or myspace if I had them. Now, I knew I had a facebook. I mean, I spend enough time on it. But, I had no idea whether or not I still had a myspace. I recalled having one at one time. So, I decided to look my self up on myspace and I was not surprised to find my old profile from years ago. Just for curiosities sake, I decided to look around. I love seeing how much I have changed and an old social networking site was a terrific medium in which to do that. I then started to go through my comments that people had left on my page.

Hundreds of comments later, I found myself in tears. Half of the comments that I had read were ones from old friends. Friends that I don’t know anymore. Some people that were once such a huge part of my life that knew nothing about who I was anymore. And that was sad to me. I mean, I love the people that I have in my life currently. But I have always valued relationships with people over any other thing in this world and to think that the bond that I created with people once upon a time found a way to break, kills me. I thought about the people in my life that were sooo crucial to the woman that I am today and they don’t even know it. The people that I once confided in for everything and now, I have no clue what they are doing with their life and vise versa.

At the same time though, I am not sure how many deep, meaningful relationships it is possible to have. I love those kind of relationships. Conversations with people until 5 in the morning are my favorite. But, I think there is a reason why those relationships are so meaningful. Because they are rare. They are between you and that person. They involved vulnerability. If I was able to maintain a deep relationship with every person in my life that I have eve considered close to me at one point or another, the relationship would no longer be a special thing. It gives me a desire to make the most out of the relationships that I have now and be completely intentional will people in all that I do.

I heard a quote once that said, “Some people are meant to stay in your life. While others are just meant to make an appearance.” I think that might be true. I think that God puts people in your life when they are supposed to be there and takes them out when they aren’t. After graduation, it was so crazy to think that I will never  again see some of the people that I knew and went to school with my whole life.

I guess that is one of the many things that makes Heaven such a beautiful place. I may never meet some people again in this lifetime. But my life is not limited to this Earth. Also, in a world where changing relationships are bound to happen, it is comforting to have one with the Creator that is constant.

Change is inevitable. People will come and go. YOU are consistent.


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