Lent Blog #11 (Stars)

February 27, 2010

So tonight I went out to a bonfire with a few friends. We usually drive out to a spot on Lake Fort Phantom, right up close to the water. There is something about the sound of the water, the sight of millions of stars in a sky far bigger than I could ever imagine and the smell of a bonfire that I love. It is partly because of the fact that you have nothing to do at bonfires except for talk to the people around you and enjoy each others company and I am a firm believer that it doesn’t matter what you are doing as long as you are doing it with people you care about. It is partly because of the retreat of it all. I mean, we drive about 30 minutes away from Abilene. There is really no one else to be seen other than the group that goes out there and there is something peaceful about just being in nature for once. But the main reason why I love it so much is because of how small I feel out there. There are not a whole lot of trees around and no lights either so the night sky stretches for forever and every inch of it is covered in stars.

Gods creation astounds me daily. I mean all of it. But there is something about the sky that takes my breath away every time. It is millions and millions of times bigger than me. And there is more out there that God has created than I could ever fathom. In his book, i am not but i know I AM, Louie Giglio sums it up perfectly.

By way of a quick review: We have no idea just how big the universe really is, but it’s so big we have to use a ruler that’s 5.88 trillion miles long to measure stuff. The ruler is called the light year. The farthest thing we have measured so far with the help of a mighty telescope (actually two telescopes, one in Hawaii and one in space, combining together and aided by the natural magnification provided by a massive cluster of galaxies) is 13 billion light years away. Somewhere in the midst of it all is a spiral galaxy called the Milky Way, which is made up of hundreds of billions of stars. One of those stars is our sun, rotating around the center of the Milky Way every 250 million years. One of the planets circling our sun is Planet Earth. And two of the more than six billion people on this planet are you and me.

A shrinking feeling is coming over me and I am starting to clue in on the fact that I have no idea how small I really am. OR HOW BIG GOD TRULY IS.

My Daddy created all of that. Every single bit of it. And that amazes me. The God who knows everything about me and want to have an intimate and personal relationship with me is the same God who threw more stars in the sky than I can fathom. And He loves us? Every single one of the more than six billion. Dang. That blows me away.

Father, make me look up more often. Remind me daily of how big You. And how small I am. And how You love me anyway.


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