Lent Blog #17 (Solitude)

March 5, 2010

The start of college brought with it several new experiences. One such experience was that of having a roommate. I have been fortunate to have had my own room my entire life and I can say that the first semester of college was the longest time that I have ever lived with one person in such close quarters. And it was a good experience. My roommate and I got along just great. There were little pet peeves that we both had and I am sure that one more than one occasion she got totally sick of me. But, we made it work. Well, at the end of last semester, Aisha, my wonderful roommate, transferred out of ACU. Which, left me roommateless. And while it has not been the typical “freshman experience”, it has been such a blessing.

Before college, I think that I took for granted the idea of solitude. People have become so dependent on other people for so many things. In high school, I HAD to be with people all of the time. As I have gotten to college though, where, whether you like it or not, you are always with people, I have realized that solitude is something to be treasured. I cannot tell you how many times this semester I have been quite content with sitting in my room and watching a movie by myself on a Friday night. I love relationships with people. I do. But, there is a point where constantly being around people becomes a bad thing.

Christ was constantly retreating away from the crowds. His disciples didn’t even know where he was half of the time. He recognized that solitude and having some one-on-one time with His father were both very precious things and things he needed daily. Next semester I will have a roommate again. And I am excited about this. But I am going to find solitude in the midst of that. I am going to seek alone time to just be with my Dad and unwind.

Lord, You long for one-on-one time with me. Let me never forget that.


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