Lent Blog #18 (NFL)

March 6, 2010

I love random conversations with people. I am the type of person that will strike up a conversation with pretty much anyone. My grandpa was the same way. He would start talking to a random person and by the end of the conversation, he knew all about their life. I guess he passed that on to me. My mom told me that once, when I was about 5, we were at one of my cousins bike races and she lost me. She had no idea where I was until she looked in the tent where all of the bicyclists were. And there I was, little 5 year old me, having a full on conversation with one of the 20 year old cyclists about his bike.

Tonight I was in the campus center waiting for some dinner and I struck up a conversation with a guy who was also waiting for his food. He was wearing an ACU football jacket and so I started to ask him about that. He told me that he played at Nebraska for the first three years of college and then transferred to ACU and now he was training for the NFL. And he was quite determined to make it into the NFL. But that was not the coolest part of the conversation. The coolest part was his motive behind playing in the NFL. This guy was so amped to get to use the blessing of talent that God gave in order to bring the glory back to God. He was determined to try his hardest in order to be able to point his finger back at the God who brought him there in the first place.

We seek glory far too much. We forget who gave us our ability to sing or play a sport or what have you and we thrive off of the compliments that we get from people. I sung the national anthem at every basketball game in high school. And every time, people would tell me what a great job I had done. And I LOVED that. I forgot that I was not given the gift of singing in order to be able to bring attention to myself or have people say that they were proud of me. I was given that talent in order that I might be able to bring honor and glory back to my Dad.

I am so pumped for Major. I am excited to see him bring glory back to God and I am will be praying for him and his NFL dreams.

Lord, make me point back to you in everything I do. You must become greater. I must become less.


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