Lent Blog #19 (Glory)

March 7, 2010

Today’s post is kind of a continuation of yesterday’s. I have been dwelling a lot on what it looks like in my life for me to give full glory to God. To take everything that I have in me and point upward with it. In response to yesterday’s post, my good friend, Chase, sent me a message telling me about a situation in which he and his teammates were able to turn the focus from themselves to the God that made them. I am not one to embellish on something that doesn’t need to be embellished upon so I am going to share the story that he sent to me and leave it at that.

“Senior year, we had quite a hollywood-like season. But I wont get into that. Semi-Final game (5th round of playoffs) of the 5A playoffs, we played Round Rock Stony Point at Baylor and played a close game the entire game. But, with 2 minutes left, the other team ran one in to take the lead, making it 21-16.

The farthest our school (in its 70+ year history) had ever gotten was the semis. I took a knee immediately after they scored, and just started praying constantly, not even watching the game. Around 1 minutes left in the game, I started balling my eyes out and even praying out loud. I looked up for a brief second, and all down the sideline, about 30 other guys (almost half our team) were kneeling in prayer also. Then with about 26 seconds left, after we drove down the length of the field in 1.5 minutes against one of the best defenses in the state, our qb threw the game/season winning td from 40 yards out to the back corner of the endzone.

This picture was taken within the first 10 seconds or so after I realized we scored. Not holding up #1, but pointing to Him.

Immediately my tears became tears of joy and amazement, and my prayers became prayers of thanks and praise. NONE OF THIS to say anything good about me or my team or high school, but what an amazing moment it was. And who knows, maybe God didn’t intervene at all, and it was just a good game, but either way, I guarantee you that a lot of the 15,000 fans on our side that day, after seeing some 30+ teenagers praying on the sideline and then seeing that happen, they were impacted too.”

Lord, may I continue to point to You. All glory, honor, power is Yours. Amen


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