Lent Blog #20 (Humiliation)

March 8, 2010

I like to think that some of the moments God cherishes the most are the moments when we, his kids, come to Him, face down, bawling. The times that we finally realize we cannot do this thing on our own and we run back to Him with tears streaming. Of course He loves it when we praise Him in any season but I believe that the paternal nature of Him is overjoyed at our coming to Him to dry our tears.

I have heard so often that crying is bad. That being that broken is not a good thing. It shows weakness. And so often in our world today, weakness is portrayed as being awful. Being humbled and humiliated to the point of breaking is not highly favored by many. But it is so necessary.

I never realized how different each of the gospels were until I took time to sit down and dissect each one of them. Each of the authors had a different perspective and a different point that they kept in mind throughout their writing. The book of Mark is all about humiliation. Humiliation is crucial in the story of the cross. Yes, Christ endured immense physical pain. But, that pain was not unprecedented. Men had been hung on crosses before and men had been beaten before. The thing that sets Christ’s crucifixion apart from the others is the humiliation that it brought. He was mocked, over and over, sometimes by people closest to him. He was spat on and ridiculed. And He knew the truth the entire time. He knew that these same people were the people He came to save.

My Bible professor once made a statement that people would chose pain over humiliation any day. And I agree with that. And yet, for us, for me, Christ chose both.

Humiliation is essential. It means to be humbled. I cannot count the amount of time that I have asked God to humble me before Him. But I have never wished for humiliation. But the two go hand in hand. And we look that fact over far too often.

Father, humiliate me for Your sake.


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