Lent Blog #21 (Failure)

March 9, 2010

I am destined to fail. I think otherwise far too often. I give myself this illusion that I am perfectly capable. That I can do anything and everything all by myself, thank you very much. But, I am a human. And I am a failure along with the rest of humanity.

We are told so often to stand alone. That every man is an island. You are born alone and you will die alone. It never ceases to amaze me. Some people think that seeking help outside of oneself is unacceptable. I think we are all like that sometimes. Maybe not to that extreme, no. But I think that the world has given us this mentality that we are in this thing alone. Which could not be further from the truth. In fact, it is one of Satan’s greatest lies; that we are going through life all by ourselves with no one to help us.

And I buy this lie. Time and time again. But I am a failure by myself. Without God, I can do nothing. Apart from him, I am destined to fail. We all are. And God provided the church, a community, a fellowship, as a body of believers that were all destined to fail together. Without Him. I forget that too much. I will be struggling with something, seeking my own strength. And it is not there. It does not exist. It is only found in God. Through The Word or through accountability. Satan loves it when we keep things to ourselves and he loves it when we think we are the only ones dealing with struggles. But we are weak. And we need to shed light on things in order to cast out our darkness. We need to rely on the God of light.

Jesus, I am nothing without You. Remind me of that, time and time again, please.


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