Lent Blog #22 (Love)

March 10, 2010

The magnitude of God’s love blows my mind. I forget how far it chases me. I forget how vast it is.

It has been a while since I have “felt” God. I have worshiped and I have prayed but I haven’t had one of those bring me to my knees in front of the Lord experiences in a while. I have felt distant and, to be honest, it has sucked. I don’t think any kid who is in desperate need of their parent is happy when they can’t seem to find that parent. And that is how I  have felt lately. I have felt like a kid who has lost her Dad and is wandering around a giant city by herself. That, however, is not the case.

There is a song that I heard last night by Tenth Avenue North. One of my friends posted it on Facebook and so I gave is a listen. The lyrics at the end of it hit me hard last night.

“I hear You say, “My love is over. It’s underneath. It’s inside. It’s in between. The times you doubt Me, when you can’t feel. The times that you question, ‘Is this for real?’ The times you’re broken. The times that you mend. The times that you hate Me, and the times that you bend. Well, My love is over, it’s underneath. It’s inside, it’s in between. These times you’re healing, and when your heart breaks. The times that you feel like you’re falling from grace. The times you’re hurting. The times that you heal. The times you go hungry, and are tempted to steal. The times of confusion, in chaos and pain. I’m there in your sorrow, under the weight of your shame. I’m there through your heartache. I’m there in the storm. My love I will keep you, by My pow’r alone. I don’t care where you fall, where you have been. I’ll never forsake you, My love never ends. It never ends.”

Those lyrics served as a great reminder last night. In this season I am in where I kind of feel like I am on more of a plateau than a mountain, I need to be reminded that my God is with me constantly. When I hate Him, when I can’t feel Him, when I am confused. He is always there. Never faltering. That is powerful. That is love. It NEVER ends. Wow. My God is amazing.

Daddy, I can’t fathom Your love. But thank You for it.


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