Lent Blog #24 (Home)

March 12, 2010

Spring Break started today. My only Friday class was canceled so, after getting the chance to sleep in, I packed my things, did some last minute stuff in Abilene, and then embarked on the 6 hour drive back to Houston.

I love driving. I think that road trips are the best times to get to know people. I drove with a friend of mine and I am sure that after 6 hours on the road together, we are better friends than when we left. And I am always a fan of building upon the relationships that I have with people.

But, as with most drives, so much of the joy that I felt came from actually reaching the destination. When I pulled into my driveway and saw my house, I was filled with happiness, but more than that, relief. Relief at finally being home. Finally being back to some place that I knew inside and out. Some place that I was completely and totally comfortable with. The feel of my own bed was wonderful and I loved getting to be with my family again.

And then it all hit me. If this is how I feel when I come home to my house in The Woodlands, how much greater will that feeling be when I am in Heaven? That is going to be the biggest reunion ever. I can’t even begin to fathom it and while God is still using me on this earth, I cannot wait for the biggest Homecoming I will ever know. I forget that I am not home yet. I am just visiting.

Daddy, stay with me until my life is through and, on that day, please take me home with you.


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