Lent Blog #27 (Brazil)

March 15, 2010

Well, as of today I am officially going to Brazil this summer. After praying for weeks about it and then spending about the same amount of weeks trying to convince my parents that the whole thing was a good idea, I am finally going. The ticket has been bought and I will be spending 3 and a half weeks of my summer in Itu, Brazil. I could not be more excited.

Basically, what I am going to be doing there is helping to do camps for kids in the youth group at a church down there. I will be living in the home of one of the Brazilian families and forming relationships daily. And I already feel so blessed and so unworthy to be there.

I love how, when you are sure that something is God’s plan, I mean, absolutely positive, the element of worry kind of disappears. When I went to Kenya last summer, I was a bit worried before I left. I am not the least bit worried about Brazil. The whole thing worked out so perfectly that I know God had a hand in the whole thing. There are a lot of things that I could be worried about. Going to South America for the first time, living in a house with a family that I don’t know, not having the slightest clue how to speak the native language. But none of those things scare me. I know that my God works despite language barriers. I know that He provides. And I know that He is already working in Brazil. He is already laying out the groundwork of the things that will happen in my time there. He is preparing hearts, both in Brazil and here. I cannot wait to see what huge things are going to happen. I cannot wait for God to give me a heart for Itu and the people there. What an adventure.

Dad, Let me love Itu like You do. Guide me every step of the way.


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