Lent Blog #3 (Adaptation)

March 11, 2011

One of the things that I believe I do well is adapt. Especially lately, it seems as if change is an everyday occurrence. In the last year, I have made relationships with people that I wish never to lose. I have lived in multiple places that I can see myself moving back to and I have changed my goals and aspirations a little over a dozen times. There is something about our society that makes us look at all paths and see what we can see ourselves doing. Perhaps it is the first question that people ask you when you meet, “What do you do?” Perhaps it is the constant journey we are experiencing to get somewhere. Whatever the reason, we do this. And I am no exception.

In this awkward stage of life, this stage where I am not entirely certain what’s next, the stage where I am scared out of my mind and completely excited all at the same time, I have looked at a thousand different paths and said, “Yeah. I could go down that one.” From youth minister to anthropologist to FBI agent to vet. You name it and I have probably wanted to be in at some point in the last few months. I feel like I could be happy in any of those places. I could adapt. And I think that’s a good thing.

It dawned on me the other day, though, that adaptation isn’t enough. In fact, adapting, to me, seems like the bare minimum. When I first moved back to The Woodlands, I adapted. I hated my situation but I sucked it up knowing that is couldn’t last forever. It wasn’t until that adaptation turned to passion and love that I was truly happy. When I became passionate about the city where I currently am and when I developed a love for the people and things that God is doing,  I felt content. Content with this season.

Christ did not simply adapt to His surroundings. He did not simply tolerate where He was. He gave His all to them. Heck, He wept over His city and His people, broken and flawed as they were. I am entirely thankful for the gift of adaptation and I pray that it will be joined with passion and love in any circumstance wherever I may be.


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